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Robin/Dick Grayson (OU)
15 November 2009 @ 03:12 pm
The balance is off.

Robin makes his way through the long corridors of Slade's base, trying to identify the reason for his unease. Something is definitely up; the errands Slade's been sending him on one after the other make that clear enough -- collecting payment from Professor Chang had been satisfying, but there was something final about the arrangement that Robin didn't like. And they hadn't stolen anything in days. The base seemed almost empty without the sound of the Slade-bots in their mechanical formation; Slade hadn't begun rebuilding the numbers decimated by Nightwing.

And Nightwing -- was still there.

Entering the command room, Robin was not surprised to see that Slade's seat stood empty. Likewise the camera that should have been showing what was happening in the holding cell used for Nightwing was blank. Robin tossed Chang's payment on Slade's chair and settled down to wait. At least it should be easy now to work out which cell Nightwing was in. But how to get that information to someone who could help?
Robin/Dick Grayson (OU)
27 September 2009 @ 09:31 pm
Robin's in civilian mode, doing his best to look like any other teenage boy in the Nexus -- that is to say slightly bored, not too interested in the explosion of people, sights and noise around him. He's an apprentice on a mission.

It's been three weeks since he and Persephone last spoke in the Nexus, if you can count a faked argument and an exchange of notes as speaking. Another week since the last message from her, a cryptic allusion that times almost exactly to her prompt disappearance as far as he can tell. Hard to judge, Ivy not exactly being social, but police reports of an encounter with hostile plants that same evening made no mention of any red-headed teenagers.

He's got a hunch however, which is why he's bypassing the more crowded parts of the Nexus in favour of anywhere he can see anything green. There's a park that looks promising, and Robin pauses in the gateway looking about.
22 September 2009 @ 08:01 pm
The visit to the Nexus has left Robin restless, uneasy, wanting things he's not sure how to name. He shifts restlessly, unable to sleep. Physically, he's exhausted. Mentally -- he just can't quieten his thoughts. It's not Slade. It's not even Nightwing and Persephone. It's more -- they're not there, and their absence brings other absences into sharp relief.

Robin pulls himself out of his bed and listens. All quiet.

He slips quietly from his room down the long corridor to Slade's control room. The stealth is habit more than caution. Robin knows that there are cameras recording his every move, that he is observed even now. He's getting used to it.

The control room is empty, but not still. Various cameras placed strategically across the city do their work still even in the dead of night. Robin barely glances at them. If Slade is out there, he is too good to be caught by them. Instead Robin makes his way to a specific cluster of cameras.

At first he was horrified and angry to realise just how good Slade's covert surveillance of the Titans was. Then he realised how much it explained about Slade's seemingly supernatural awareness of their plans. Now--

Robin turned the chair to face the Titan's screens before climbing into it. Slade had not succeeded in getting into the Titan's individual rooms, but from the corridor he could hear distinctly the sounds of Beast Boy snoring. There was an electronic flicker from underneath Cyborg's door and he was pretty sure he could hear the faint sounds of Raven chanting -- and was that Starfire talking in her sleep? Robin settled down to listen, ignoring the heaviness in his limbs. He would only stay a moment.

A moment was all the time needed for Robin to fall asleep.
Robin/Dick Grayson (OU)
16 September 2009 @ 08:51 pm
Jump City's got its fair share of villains, even villains whose trademarks include big explosions -- Dr Light comes to mind, as does the Hive Five. But no-one has Slade's finesse. To anyone with an eye for these things, the terse news reports flooding in have his signature written all over them.

The city's police forces are going mental, clustered around the site of the robbery. The Titans are a few steps ahead, scanning nearby rooftops and sewers for signs of his robots. They will find none -- Slade's well on his way back to the lair, item secured while his Apprentice is burning some adrenaline by leaving a false trail some distance to the North. The easy flip as he jumps building to building says 'mission accomplished' to anyone who knows him.
15 September 2009 @ 08:49 am
Robin's bypassed the rooftops to get back to Slade faster, slipping through the shadows of the lair. Even with the detour to see Persephone he's not that late, but he knows very well that Slade's not likely to take lightly to any deviations from his plans.

Slade's waiting.

Robin puts the microchip he was charged with stealing and the PINpoint down in front of Slade and waits.
Robin/Dick Grayson (OU)
It's been days. Slade's rigorous training routine doesn't leave much space for deviation, even less for privacy -- Dick's sure that's deliberate. He can't come up with counter plans if he's exhausted, after all. Tonight -- it's a good sign. Dick's almost certain Slade doesn't know.

But he's not sure.

It's been long enough for all of his doubts to come back. Dick wants time to be sure, to doublecheck. He's only going to get one chance at this -- but with the Iron Queen in the Nexus now that's time he doesn't necessarily have. Dick hesitates before hitting the send button on his PINpoint.

Are you there?
Robin/Dick Grayson (OU)
22 August 2009 @ 10:42 pm
Just a head's up that I'm recycling this journal! I'm playing an AU version of Robin who never went to Econtra, but residents might remember this particular Robin (looking at you, Tim). I don't want to delete the econtra posts, so just be aware that here on in, this is not the Robin you are looking for.
20 October 2008 @ 11:24 pm
[ screened to Tim, Nightwing, Persephone, Lyle, Mokuba, Cissie, the Gundam Pilots AU and OU, and other trusted friends | unhackable.]

Just a head's up for you all. In light of ... recent events ... I'm experimenting with a new look. Don't panic. I'm still me -- I'm still Robin. But I think this costume fits the current circumstances better.

That's all.

Robin/Dick Grayson (OU)
19 October 2008 @ 08:00 pm
When I saw my parents die ...

It hurt like nothing else. I'd lost the people most important to me, my world -- it didn't break me. It made me angry. I wanted justice -- and I got it.

This? It hurt -- it hurt a lot. But now what? I'm not broken. Not even close.

I'm Robin. I'm a Titan. And I'm angry.
Robin/Dick Grayson (OU)
13 October 2008 @ 08:19 pm
There seems to be just one thing everyone's talking about. I have to admit, I'm not sure where I stand on things. On the one hand, I find it hard to believe in something I can't see or feel, -- I deal in logic, facts. On the other, well. Raven's power is a fact, and when she gets a premonition, you listen -- and no one's ever accused Starfire of being logical. Sometimes you have to go with your hunches.

Still I think more has been done in the last couple of days then we've accomplished in the months we've been working on preparing for an emergency. I guess econtra can pull together after all. Duo, Melaka, I've taken advantage of the supplies Mercury requisitioned for the compound and the apartment's well stocked. Babs, I picked up extra for you -- dropped them just inside your door. Hope that's cool.