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Robin/Dick Grayson (OU)
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Character: Robin/Dick Grayson.

Series/Fandom: Teen Titans.

Original or Alternate: Original

Age: 14/15-ish (not specified in canon).

Gender: Male.

Species: Human.

Sexuality: Het.

Appearance: Robin is short (Cyborg quips that he is four feet tall) and wiry, with black hair that he wears in a spiky hair style. What is more noticeable, however, is his costume -- domino mask, red tunic, black cape with yellow lining, green pants and utility belt. Although the domino mask conceals his eyes completely, Robin's face is very expressive as the mask seems to emphasize rather than hide his expressions of surprise, etc. Robin has the physique of an athlete and steel-capped boots. He moves like an someone who is very sure of himself, and when dodging or fighting, has a tendency towards flips that belie his acrobatic past.

Personality: Robin is confident both in his abilities and his judgement. He not only leads his team-mates into battle, but he has no hesitation in tackling villains singlehandedly. He is more than capable of keeping up with his super-powered team-mates thanks to his determined attitude and his drive to succeed. Unfortunately, this also means he has a tendency towards competitiveness, and can often make reckless decisions, particularly with regard to his personal safety. Throughout the series he often struggles with trust, keeping his name and history to himself, and at one low point, risking his team-mates trust in him to gain information about a villain. He's learned from this mistake, but he remains secretive even from his closest friends. He's a natural leader, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of his team, and encouraging them to train and work together. He is organised, intelligent, and it has to be admitted, a bit of a geek when it comes to tech-stuff or martial arts. Finally, Robin is someone who takes great pleasure in the physicality of fighting, often grinning as he dodges an attack or launches himself into battle.

Abilities/Strengths: Robin is a highly skilled acrobat and fighter, having been trained by Batman. During the episode The Quest, Robin augments his training by seeking out the legendary Martial Arts teacher known as the True Master and gets a crash course in what seems like the Wuxia school of Martial Arts. He is also proficient with projectiles in the form of bird-a-rangs, smoke bombs, grappling hooks, nets, bo-staff and ice-discs. He was trained by Batman to be a detective and handles the Titans investigation, sometimes going undercover in meticulous disguise. His determination and drive to succeed is probably his biggest strength however. His ability to make quick decisions, fast reflexes, leadership abilities and investigative training come a tight second place.

Weaknesses: Robin doesn't have the best temper. He is quickly provoked, especially when there is an element of competition in the situation -- hypercompetitive indeed. When angry he has responded more violently than appropriate, at one point interrogating and intimidating a hapless civilian. His confidence can sometimes lead to arrogance and his assumption that he can handle things can alienate him from people that could help him. His habit of concealing things makes it hard for his team-mates to trust/understand him, and leaves him open to paranoia. Finally, he is not very good at addressing his own feelings or those of others. This has, in particular, caused friction with Starfire as his embarrassment and confusion have seriously hurt her feelings.

Notable Possessions: The domino mask and the rest of his costume, but especially the utility belt, steel-capped boots, bo-staff and cape (which is reinforced titanium apparently and fire-proof).


Dick grew up in a circus, part of an acrobatic act with his parents, The Flying Graysons. Upon their murder, he was adopted as a ward by Bruce Wayne. It didn't take long for Dick to figure out that Bruce was in actual fact Batman: it took even less time for him to turn the costume he wore for the Grayson's act into a superhero disguise and help Batman bring the man responsible for the Grayson's murder to justice. Although Titans canon never goes into detail about this time of Robin's life, for him to have accomplished as much as he did and still be a young team at the time of the Titan's formation, I'm guessing that he has to be considerably younger than his comics counterpart -- 9 or 10.

As Robin, Dick was trained by Batman in fighting and detective work, quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Although Titans isn't clear on why, we do know that Robin left Gotham for Jump City permanently before the start of the series, and that Batman was a deciding factor. Robin is anxious to prove himself with a solo career, initially turning down Beast Boy's offer to team up. However, when it is clear that team-work is needed to save the city, he suggests that he, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, work together. The city is saved, the Titans are formed, and Robin takes on a new role as leader of a super-hero team.

By the point I'm taking Robin from (mid-season 4), he has learnt some serious issues about trust and gained some maturity points. His rivalry with Slade, a villain who manipulated Robin into becoming his apprentice however briefly, finally culminated in Robin falling victim to a hallucinagenic virus Slade left behind him. Robin had to overcome a serious bout of paranoia to trust in what his team-mates had told him, an episode that has left him more thankful than ever for his team and his friends. Although his issues with Batman are unresolved, he has stated that 'it's a poor student that blames his teacher' indicating that he has made peace with them on a personal level, and proving himself is not so strong a motivation as it once was. He has learned to depend on his team-mates and friends, trusting them to get the job done without him, and even admitted to having feelings beyond friendship for Starfire.

Housing: Sor-Epta.

Disclaimer:This is a role-playing journal for econtra_rpg by girl_starfish.
Robin © Sam Register and Glen Murakami.
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